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Grontmij was an engineering consultancy based in the Netherlands. The company was the third largest of its kind in Europe, with approximately 6,000 employees and almost 300 offices across the continent and a further 50 offices globally. In 2015 the company was acquired by Sweco AB.

"no career progression, poor pay!", says a Grontmij former employee on Glassdoor on July 9, 2015:


-Career progression is very poor. -Senior management doesn't care about you -Poor pay -Office layouts are old and boring (usually no breakout area)"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"you have to work all the time but you sleep"

CAD Engineer says

"Demands from engineers sometimes surpass the normal level, working conditions and timelines can be tough."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"-Career progression is very poor. -Senior management doesn't care about you -Poor pay -Office layouts are old and boring (usually no breakout area)"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Internal bureaucracy, governance doesn't work"

Quantity Engineer says

"Great for commitment and responsible for completed project"

Former Employee - Assistant Project Manager says

"The technical consulting firm is rather traditional, and Grontmij is no exception. The company has a lot of competition in Sweden. The office is located outside of the city center, and there are not too many good lunch places in the area."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Takes a lifetime to get promotion approved. Substandard pay."

Former Employee - Adviseur says

"Verry bureaucratic, so possibilities given are not always formed to new products or services"

engineer (Former Employee) says

"maximum work and minimum wage distribution. these are the exact reasons why we left our former lands to find better opportunities. pity how such a big Swedic company is failing to operate its standards in different soils. do yourselves a favour and apply elsewhere to avoid a huge disappointment.noneno career prospects, low salary, extra working hours."

Klant (Former Employee) says

"Deze organisatie is nietin staat op een normalemanier communiceren met haar klanten. De organisatie denk enkel aan zichzelf. Wanneer er door klanten (meerdere) vragen worden gesteld wordt dit als lastig ervaren. Huur moet er desondanks toch betaald worden maar heldere communicatie, duidelijkheid en enig vertrouwen richting klanten blijft altijd achterwege. Dramatisch bedrijf om klant te zijn.Slechte communicatie terwijl dat hun enige taak is."

Welder/Fabricator (Former Employee) says

"My experience with this company was not good. The owners/management always blamed the employees for the company loseing money on projects. the company was stuck in the old ways for example... I was told many times "This way works, we have always done it this way so we will continue to do it this way" even though new ideas and new ways of doing things where presenting to them that where faster, easier and safer.this is a very very capable fabrication shopfabrication methods used where not good, the fundamentals of good fabrication where not there. managment sucked"

Senior Production Planner/Buyer (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company in 2001. Within my first month on the job they laid a number of people off, and over the course of the next several months there were numerous layoffs as well as the remaining employees were forced to take days of without pay.Instability, poor management, no long term focus"

Service Tech (Current Employee) says

"The workers at Sweco are very good people, I learned a lot about how different valves work and how to assemble/disassemble valves, but as far as a business I felt they were extremely unorganized. The hardest part of the job is not being having days off, now I understand it is the oil field, but this isn't my first oil field related job, and I didn't like the 21 days on and 3 days off schedule they had. The most enjoyable part of the job was being able to teach co workers that wanted to move up how to properly and safely do the job without any incidents.good work environment, great people.very little time off."

Technical Unit Leader (Former Employee) says

"It was a good experience. By the way, the responsible partners in Germany are not able to handle the problems in AFG......."

Mekaniikkasuunnittelu (harjoittelija) says

"Työtä tein suureksi osaksi AutoCad:llä 2D, työhön kuului runsaasti mittauksia Suurteiollisuusalueella ja Bolidenin Sinkkilevyjen irrotuskoneen siltanosturilla. Työssä oli alunperin tarkoitus tehdä 3D-suunnittelua esimerkiksi SolidWorksillä, joka ei kumminkaan toteutunut.3D-ohjelmien käytön puute"

Senior Adviseur HR (Talent Development) says

"29 jaar met plezier en grote betrokkenheid gewerkt bij Grontmij. Een bedrijf dat een goede balans wist te behouden tussen zakelijke gerichtheid en aandacht voor haar mensen. Ik heb veel vertrouwen en kansen gekregen binnen het bedrijf gekregen en heb met stimulans van mijn werkomgeving de overstap gemaakt van een functie als officemanager naar HR adviseur. Een mooie loopbaan waar ik met plezier op terugkijk. Sinds 2009 heeft het bedrijf last van een moeilijke markt, een toename in dynamiek en een veranderende klantvraag. Wisselingen van leden van de Raad van Bestuur, opeenvolgende personele maatregelen, outsourcing en uiteindelijke overname door SWECO leiden ertoe dat het bedrijf zich nu in een fase van transitie bevindt. Herstel van zowel de interne als externe imago als werkgever heeft nu tijd nodig.goede samenwerking en sfeer op de werkvloer.afnemend vertrouwen in het management."

warehousr (Current Employee) says

"Never know from day to day if goning to get laid off.sups they have working for them dont have a clue what going on.need to hire a warehouse supervisor that knows how to run a warehouse.3wks vactionplace sucks warehouse always a sucks"

Senior Adviseur Talent Development (Former Employee) says

"Ik veel kansen en vertrouwen gekregen waardoor ik een mooie loopbaan het gehad en de overstap heb gemaakt van secretaresse naar office manager naar HR adviseur. Met plezier kijk ik terug op een mooie en lange loopbaan binnen dit bedrijf. Sinds 2009 heeft het bedrijf last gehad van een veranderende markt waarin het steeds lastiger werd de strategische financiële doelstellingen te halen. Reorganisaties, wisseling van RvB, vele personele maatregelen en uiteindelijk een overname door SWECO leidden ertoe dat het bedrijf zich nu in een overgangsfase bevindt.Goede professionals die elkaar succes gunnen, goede werksfeer.Afnemend vertrouwen in het management en hoofdbestuur."

Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"it was i niece place to work. all the employs are friendly and help as much as possible. i learned how to weld to use a drill press and cut scrap metal"

Suunnittelija (Former Employee) says

"Työ erittäin hektistä, projektista toiseen pompottelua ja projekteja useita päällekkäin, oleellinen tieto jää monesti herrojen pöydälle kiireen vuoksi. Työpaikkana mukava. Uutta porukkaa tulee ja lähtee...."

District Manager (Former Employee) says

"Over seen day to day operations of the office and the field. Installing equipment in the filed and managing jobs and taking care of customers needs. Hired and trained all employees for the jobs that they would be performing.Company truck, phone and fuel cardon call 24/7"

Ingénieur géotechnicien (Former Employee) says

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